With his finger on the pulse of the natural world around him, Atlanta-based producer OkayJake explores his genre-defying abilities in his first release of 2023, titled “Fall”.

Jake Friant, or OkayJake, has carefully crafted his multifaceted sound since 2020, formerly under the alias Kick. After rebranding in the name of artistic freedom, OkayJake has spent the past year demonstrating that his sound knows no bounds.

On his 2022 Metal Flower EP, OkayJake showcased a sonic fusion of abstract basslines saturated with downtempo harmonies. Each track was produced with a unique, melodic complexity, straying away from following a singular template. The young producer cites his inspirations as revered experimental bass legends, CharlesTheFirst, Ivy Lab, and VCTRE, with various elements of their stylings translating into his soundscapes. 

As his first release of the new year, “Fall” alluringly sets the tone for what is to come for OkayJake. Opening with an eerie, waning bassline, waves of hypnotic synths enchant listeners into OkayJake’s aural adaptation of Georgia wildlife. Engulfed by a downtempo haze, he cultivates the sound from the natural environment in which it was created. The track is guided by free-flowing, organic FX, slowly building to a crescendo of visceral bass distortion. Emulating sundown, a soothing outro detailed with calming chords and muffled dialogue brings the bass-heavy tune to a close.

Here is what OkayJake had to say about “Fall” :

“Following a weekend in the mountains in Georgia, I found myself mesmerized and inspired by the breathtaking views nature affords to us. I wanted to implement sounds that help encapsulate the beauty of my journey and the profoundness of just being able to exist with natural beauty surrounding us. Fall is about letting go and being absorbed by the natural beauty surrounding us.” – OkayJake

OkayJake is starting off 2023 strong, presenting fans with a lasting soundtrack to the natural environment around us. What were your thoughts on“Fall”? Give the track a listen below and let us know your thoughts in the comments, as you embark on OkayJake’s sonic voyage!

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