The extremely talented UK-based duo, Ivy Lab, releases their highly anticipated LP, “Infinite Falling Ground” . The two production maestros are known for their mold-breaking style of bass music which has built up a strong following for over a decade.

Their expertly curated label Twenty Twenty London gives the spotlight to other well-established producers like Oakk and Deft, as well as talented up-and-coming artists. Ivy Lab also has their label’s sister project with London-based club Fold, called Twenty Twenty Global. Their events have given all of us in the US some serious FOMO by hosting DJs and producers such as Sicaria Sound, Alix Perez, Onhell, and Mad Zach.

The first single release from their album, “Balaclava” combines live string elements with haunting vocals in the intro. The song develops into a powerful beat that blends deep 808s with soulful lyrics. The atmospheric breakdown keeps the listener in a sense of anticipation and brings back a minimal but captivating second chorus. In this track, Ivy Lab curates a truly entrancing soundscape for their audience.

“Dogma” features vocals that showcase the LP’s namesake, “Infinite Falling Ground.” The uplifting melodies and looping vocal is hypnotizing and nostalgic at the same time. The spacey, ethereal elements of the track tie together seamlessly.

With the release of their album, Ivy Lab will be kicking off their tour in London, and making stops all across the world like in Atlanta, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, and many other cities. If you’re looking to experience “Infinite Falling Ground”  live, you can grab tickets through their tour website.

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