After teasing fans with the release of Make U SWEAT!” two weeks ago, fans of Knock2 have eagerly been awaiting the release of his next EP. Well, today is finally release day and those who love the insane sounds of Knock2’s brilliant production mind should be happy to know they’re getting six brand-new tunes from the young artist. ROOM202 is out now via NIGHTMODE!

Knock2 has quickly become a favorite among the EDM world, with his high-energy, bass-infused tunes, it was no question he would cement a place for himself in that corner of electronic music. His latest EP is nothing short of those beloved frequencies and the way it makes listeners want to dance the moment it enters their ears. ROOM202 is the perfect testament to what Knock2 continues to bring to the table. Each of the six tracks shows off different abilities Knock2 has to create infectious rhythms that always get a crowd moving and craving more of his signature sounds.

ROOM202 certainly leans on the house side of things, except for one track, “JUMP in.”  It has a more trap feel to it but in its very own unique way. Knock2 draws that line so well with his work, almost fusing the two electronic sub-genres.

Most of the other tracks on the EP have a heavier bass-house feel to them, as with most of his work. The 2022 festival anthem “Gettin’ Hot” is a fan and HIHF team favorite and “Are U Feelin Me” even features the infamous DEV, of “Like A G6,”  “Bass Down Low,” and “In The Dark” fame. 

The one less-heavy exception off the project would be“Rock Ur World,” featuring fussy. It has a much lighter, more carefree feel than the other tracks, which pack a punch with more aggressive basslines. Here’s what Knock2 had to say about his new work:

“All the IDs played in the set were demos and it only came to be finished as the
release date came. I loved the entire process of writing and finishing this EP.
I bought a new laptop and took it all the way to Vienna, Austria, to visit my
girlfriend that I haven’t seen in months. Nothing beats working in an unfamiliar
place but finding comfort with the people you love. I wanted to bring back that
special energy I felt listening to old electro and pop electronic music, but also
push the soundscape further in today’s sonics. That’s why I got DEV on one of
the records because I knew her voice was gonna spark a core memory for my
generation. I wanted to showcase my range as a writer and producer creating
genre-bending moments. As I’m typing this, the EP has not been finished yet. I
feel the pressure, but I believe pressure creates moments. So here I am again, trying to prove one.” 

Knock2 has a bright future ahead of him, this we know for a fact. ROOM202 is just another reminder of what’s in store for this rising star electronic artist. Stream the new EP down below and let us know what you think about it in the comments! What was your favorite track?

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