Breakout producer SKYLER brings a fresh palette of cinematic energy to her signature melodic bass sound with the trappy single “Hit My Line,” off of the indomitable Monstercat label. This queer artist has been honing her craft while getting support from headlining acts such as Flux Pavilion for her epic remix of “Sink Your Teeth In,” as well as NITTI, Krewella, and others. 

SKYLER has already carved out a niche with her unique melodic sound design and club-shaking grooves. This new track delivers on all fronts while pushing the heavier bass with impactful 808s and rapid-fire hi-hats. The distorted vox chops and anthemic melody suck you in before immersing you into a massive and sustained trap drop. 

“This record can best be described as trusting the unknown, or better yet, just going with the flow and making the absolute best out of it; which I’m sure we can all heavily relate to in some form. As a human-being, I feel like we can all try to strive for just enjoying the moment and not overthinking things as much as we do.” – SKYLER

SKYLER’s foray onto the stage, playing her music to massive crowds, has already begun, last year she made her debut on the Tomorrowland stage! One can only imagine where this project will take here this year after this impressive release. We can’t wait to see what’s next.

Did SKYLER’s “Hit My Line” make you want to go with the flow and let the moment take you? Let us know down below in the comments or on social media!

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