dela Moon, a talented west coast drum & bass artist, returns to Play Me Records with her new EP, “Rough Protocol.” This four-track EP brings the listener into another world and blends technical synths and striking basslines with cinematic elements. With releases on Street Ritual, Muti Music, and a range of underground labels across the world in recent years, dela Moon continues to pick up momentum with “Rough Protocol’.” The EP includes three solo productions, as well as an exclusive collaboration with LA-based producer Forin. “Rough Protocol” gives a preview of what is to come from dela Moon’s distinct take on drum & bass.

dela Moon is a resident and organizer of the Moontribe Collective, whose legendary full-moon gatherings have been at the core of Southern California’s underground electronic music scene for over a decade. She is renowned for her ability as a DJ to bring fiery energy to an eclectic blend of genres – including DnB/halftime sets, deep and psychedelic downtempo sets, as well as progressive and driving techno. Her performances are infused with energy and raw emotion that brings her audience beyond conventions. Over the years, she’s played at renowned events such as Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, Lightning in a Bottle, Symbiosis, The Untz Festival, and Shambhala Music Festival.

“Rough Protocol”, the title track of the EP, has an ominous minimal intro that builds up a lot of anticipation. It has an industrial feel and makes the listener feel like they’re in an enormous space in a warehouse setting. The basses come in and keep the energy of the track going with their catchy rhythm and gritty distortion.

“Memory Error” has more melodic and ethereal melodies towards the beginning but then catapults the listener into another driving bassline. The dynamic range in this track definitely keeps it exciting and memorable.

“Symmetrons” features energetic percussion and crisp basslines that show off a more experimental side. This collab definitely showcases how dela Moon and Forin’s styles blend absolutely seamlessly.

“Control Flow” shows a much calmer side to the project, while still weaving in that profound industrial feel. While it’s definitely on the more low-key side, it still brings in a lot of intensity through the breaks and overall percussion.

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