VEIL‘s label, Street Ritual, unveils “DISCOVERIES,” a collection of dark, hard-hitting tracks sourced from all over the underground. It’s always a treat to see a showcase like this, as it both turned us on to some new names and lent recognition to others who we’ve been listening to on repeat lately.

Massive shoutout VEIL for giving a platform to these lesser-known acts. Each and every one of them deserves a spotlight to be shined on them and we’re pumped to see this new comp see the light of day to do so.

The compilation features fifteen tracks, so while we won’t be covering all of them, be sure to set some time aside to enjoy the whole journey and support all of the artists involved!

Let’s talk about “BTBB” from Criso. Huge bell chords, creepy-crawly effects, and a vocal line saying “bring the beat back” set the tone of the song from the outset. And when it goes IN, just… wow. We’ve covered Criso since his rebrand (he was formerly known as TYLR), and we’re not surprised – but always impressed – at just how clean his tracks are. This one features absurdly thick basslines and snappy drums and is another testament to the future Criso has ahead.

Other favorites were VEIL’s collab with rising star Denver producer Yoko, as well as HIHF guest mix alumni TrebleTina and Osyris’ contributions to the “DISCOVERIES” compilation.

What was your favorite cut off the new Street Ritual “DISCOVERIES” compilation? Let us know down below in the comments!

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