Skinny Limbs has taken the Denver scene by storm, quickly rising to the top and solidifying a spot for himself in the scene. His sounds fall into a wide range of genres, including dubstep, and more ethereal, emotive pieces. Which in turn has resulted in releases on labels like Hemi.Wav, The Gradient Perspective, Wubaholics, and countless self-releases. No matter what style of music he’s cooking up in the studio, Skinny Limbs continues to turn heads and fill playlists with his unique soundscapes.

Being a storyteller of sound, Skinny Limbs seamlessly emulates specific emotions with his releases, which we heard in his latest TGP release, Emotions In Balance. Now, he’s back with his latest release, a single titled “That’s 3,” highlighting the vibrations we feel throughout ourselves. Finding music that reminds us to reconnect and tap into our own bodies, checking in with the things we need, only makes those sounds that much more powerful. That’s exactly what Skinny Limbs did with this track.

Each part of the song is a journey and representation of our different chakras, a cathartic reminder to be focused and grounded, yet also playful and childlike. Each element of this track fit seamlessly into the next as if each sound was working its way through your soul, forcing you to check in with your body and mind. The beginning feels more intense, asking you to focus on what it is you want, before letting go and letting loose in the last half of the track, where things are more bouncy and playful. Here’s what Skinny Limbs had to say about his new work:

It’s easy to lose focus and to forget how powerful we really are. “That’s 3” is a sonic expression of the spiritual journey. The intense nature of the first drop represents the lower chakra systems and the necessity of being grounded in order to keep progressing. The second drop represents the fun, powerful, playful energy that comes with letting go and enjoying the ride. I’m really excited to be putting this song out, I feel like it will resonate with a lot of people. – SKINNY LIMBS

Skinny Limbs hit the nail on the head with“That’s 3,” giving us the reminder in the form of frequencies that we as humans all need –  to listen to our bodies and find a way to center ourselves, but still not lose that youthful side.

Need to reconnect with yourself? Listen to the track below, or on your preferred streaming platform and close your eyes. Let the sounds bring you back to you and let us know your thoughts down in the comments below!

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