If the name Skinny Limbs isn’t familiar to you yet, hopefully, it will be soon. One of Denver’s hottest up-and-comers, he’s been gracing systems and stages all over. From local takeovers in Denver to festivals like Big Dub and Secret Dreams, Skinny Limbs has solidified a spot in this corner of dance music. With an arsenal of releases already under his belt with some of the most beloved underground labels, Skinny Limbs is ready to add another one to the collection. Emotions In Balance, out now via The Gradient Perspective, is an intimate look inside this tastemaker’s mind.

Life is all about the ebbs and flows, going through the ups and downs, and finding solace in what we can. Emotions In Balance is exactly that, two tracks representing the yin and the yang of life, and the emotions we all feel at some point. Skinny Limbs does an impeccable job of capturing the lighter moments in life, as well as the dark, and putting those feelings into sound.

The title track, “Emotions In Balance,” starts things off and immediately takes listeners to a place of solace and reflection. It’s a beautifully sculpted creation, with calming melodies and warm, vibrant elements. Skinny Limbs paints pictures with his sound, and this one feels like running through a forest with the sunbeams peeking through and hitting your skin.

“It Isn’t Fair” represents the darker and harder times we face throughout life. Skinny Limbs weaves in low-end rifts and the sounds he knows best to create a track that hits close to home for many. Yet, there’s an almost softness mixed into the end of the track; a gentle reminder that there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel and that we can find a silver lining once we overcome the darkness. Here’s what Skinny Limbs had to say about his newest work:

I’m finally at a point where I’m confident in my music and I’m excited to show it to people. It wasn’t always like this and for a long time I felt like I wasn’t good enough. Looking back I realize that those uncomfortable feelings of self doubt were ultimately pushing me to get better at my craft and to grow not only as an artist but as a person. This project is all about that journey – Skinny Limbs

Listen to the new EP below, or stream it on your preferred music platform, and let us know what you think about it in the comments!

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