Last December, Paul Conversano, AKA Ravenscoon, released his third EP with WAKAAN“Collide.” Today he is proud to release his first downtempo and Wave EP, Translucent, on Wakaan’s sister label SSKWANLiquid Stranger created SSKWAN as a platform for artists to release their downtempo works. Martin Staaf, AKA Liquid Stranger, has often stated that most of the music he produces is downtempo, so this label is very dear to his heart. Conversano, known for his in-your-face heavy bass sound, made his SSKWAN debut with his collab “Drowning” with Illanthropy and, in January, dropped his single, “Feel That Way.” 

The Translucent EP takes off with the high-energy collab with iSorin“Free.” Featuring those punchy Ravenscoon synths we all know and love, it’s almost hard to believe this is just the first track off the EP. This collab has it all; every second is packed with hard-hitting drums and snares fueled by the wavy tones ebbing and flowing throughout the entire track.

The title track, “Translucent,” takes a hard turn and dives deep into an ambient soundscape. Resounding bass engulfs you and you’re taken back by the ethereal melody. This track is as beautiful as it is powerful.

Ravenscoon then takes us on a psychedelic journey with “Entropy.” Listening to this with headphones is an experience in itself as the tones bounce back and forth off your ears, and the bassline ultimately emerges. As the beat picks up, you’re dragged back into the depths and come out feeling truly reborn, like a bass music baptism.

Closing out Translucent EP is “Outskirts.” This track flows so smoothly that it’s like running water. It’s glitchy with a classic dubstep sound weaving in and out with clean percussion giving way to its free-form wave synths. 

Here’s what Ravenscoon had to say about the creation process of Translucent:

“Translucent is my take on some of my favorite melodic bass music – wave, hard wave, future garage, and downtempo. I’m currently in the midst of writing my debut album, and I found myself with a handful of beautiful tracks that just didn’t quite have a place. I revamped them, rearranged them, and livened them up to be a cohesive wave-esque EP that provides a refreshing relief to my previous dubstep EP COLLIDE that, dropped in December on WAKAAN.” – Ravenscoon

Ravenscoon’s release of Translucent EP is a refreshing pace change for this incredibly talented producer. Every track is flawless and this work of art undeniably displays his prodigious progression as an artist.

We hosted Ravenscoon on our guest mix series a couple years ago and also hosted him on our Good Listeners podcast, check out those episodes in those prior links^^^.

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