IORA is a bass music producer you need to have your eye on. After support from huge names in the dubstep world like Mersiv and Ravenscoon, this rising star has the production chops necessary to become one of the scene’s premiere artists, and he is just getting started.

Today, the up-and-comer is back with a brand new banger titled “Helix”. This is his first track of 2023 and it follows “Me & You,” which dropped last year on the east coast underground bass hub Wavecraft Collective, which has been home to names like Fryar, Deafadil, Lavier, and many more talented artists over the years.

Sully, who is a mainstay of Liquid Stranger‘s Wakaan label, actually brought IORA out on stage last year at NYC’s Electric Zoo festival when he dropped “Helix” for the masses of headbangers who attended the 2022 set. We are so excited to see IORA to see him get all this support, check out the video of Sully dropping it below.

It’s crystal clear IORA has big things ahead. He just made his live debut opening for Deadcrow in NYC and is set to make his festival debut this summer at Moon Walk festival in Massachusets. Here’s what he had to say about today’s extraterrestrial new track:

“Helix was born from a love of hard-hitting bass and evocative melody. It features vocals from my good friend Ben, A.K.A. QUO, and represents a milestone in defining my personal sound. I wrote it after watching one of those cosmos documentaries that makes you feel so small yet so lucky to be alive, which I hope carries through in the sound of the track. It’s been crazy to see this piece played out by the likes of Sully, Ravenscoon, Luzcid, and Mersiv, and I am endlessly grateful for that support.” – IORA

What did you think of IORA’s newest work “Helix”? Be sure to listen below and show him some love on socials!

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