Skream is an OG producer that has made an unmeasurable impact on the dubstep scene, with iconic tracks like “Filth,” “Midnight Request Line,” “Gritty”, as well as the Skreamizm releases, and countless more. His arsenal of bass releases gained him a loyal following, along with tunes that are still rinsed out to this day. A few years ago, after a long and honorary bass career, Skream decided to hang up the dubstep belt and start making house music. Of course, the tracks were still amazing, but the nostalgia of a Skream dubstep tune was certainly missed.

Last year, the legend decided to bless Denver with a very special old-school dubstep set at the illustrious Black Box. He also played a similar set at this year’s Okeechobee festival and last year’s Hard Summer. Could it be, the dubstep legend is finally going back to his roots? Those who witnessed those sets were truly lucky, but today, all fans across the world can rejoice. Skream just put out a brand-new dubstep tune, his first in ten years, out now on fabric!

“Summoned”  is dark, sinister, and layered with provocative, brooding basslines. Its old-school feel takes listeners on a sonic journey through places unknown, pulling them in with each passing moment of the tune.

Skream is one of the most talked about names in dubstep for a reason, and “Summoned” is a reminder of just why he has had such a massive impact on the scene. This is a special moment, having him release art along these lines again. Hopefully, it means there’s more to come.

According to a comment on Twitter, fans can expect the Skreamizm 8 to get an official release in the future. But, for now, we can all enjoy “Summoned” and the rest of his arsenal of legendary releases. Stream the new tune below and let us know what you think about it down in the comments!

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