Black Tiger Sex Machine and Dion Timmer introduce “Eclipse”, their hottest new heavyweight collaboration released through Kannibalen Records. This headbanger’s anthem is guided by RUNN’s cinematic vocalizations, making it a dynamic addition to BTSM’s developing sonic storyline that they’ve been telling.

Black Tiger Sex Machine first debuted “Eclipse” last month during their Ultra 2023 set complete with their motion-captured PORTALS visuals, garnering a massive crowd reaction. With their highly-anticipated PORTALS LP expected in October, fans are becoming increasingly invested in the fictional audio-visual universe that acts as the framework for BTSM’s upcoming album.

Harmonic vocalizations provided by RUNN open up “Eclipse”, expressing emotive lyrics that paint vivid visualizations in the minds of listeners. With a build guided by intense drums, Black Tiger Sex Machine and Dion Timmer seamlessly transition from a blissful bridge into a bloodthirsty drop. The master-class sound design and wicked synergy between the pair emulate an intergalactic space war, dominated by bass-heavy synths. 

RUNN turns the leaf to demonstrate the sonic polarity of “Eclipse”, reintroducing an interlude led by her pop-oriented influence. As if we weren’t already mindblown by the ferocity that BTSM and Timmer have brought to the table, the collaborators dig into the track even deeper for another round of gritty, revving bass. The high energy that “Eclipse” invigorates within its listeners amply proves it to be an undeniable festival anthem.

If this collaboration has you itching to catch these artists live, you can see Dion Timmer alongside Kompany, Tape B, Cyclops, and more dubstep heavyweights on their Project Parallel Tour that kicks off in May and touches ground in select North American cities.

Black Tiger Sex Machine will embark on their PORTALS Tour in April and will be bringing their audio-visual experience to iconic stages including The Brooklyn Mirage, Red Rocks Amphitheater, Shambhala Music Festival, and EDC Las Vegas. “Eclipse” is a stellar taste of the PORTALS universe that Black Tiger Sex Machine has yet to unfold to the world, making us eager to hear what else the production prodigies have in their arsenal!

What were your thoughts on Black Tiger Sex Machine’s collaboration with Dion Timmer and RUNN, “Eclipse”? Stream the track down below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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