Sully has come a long way since his Wakaan debut in 2019. Since then, the young producer has consistently delivered multiple genre-bending tracks, including collabs with G-REXDirt MonkeyHairitage, and the Wakaan wizard himself Liquid Stranger. Today, Sully triumphantly returns to the label, leading the frontline for experimental bass music with his first single, “Scuba,” off his upcoming five-track Submersed EP. 

Sully’s rise to bass music fame has been expeditious, wasting no time becoming one of the most sought-after producers releasing on Wakaan. Earlier this year, Sully took fans for a gripping joyride on his collab, “Buckle Up,” with Hairitage. Following that heater, today’s release is a captivating showpiece teeming with low-end bass vowing to dive listeners into the depths of Sully’s creative sound design.

“Scuba” is one of Sully’s most monumental tracks to date. Right off the bat, you feel submerged in the atmosphere he creates with the ringing of sonar and deep resounding bass. As the tempo increases, the pronounced synths and bassline plummet you deeper into the waters. Infusing all the elements of Sully’s sound, he has delivered a masterful piece that truly transports the listener and gives you chills every time you hear it. We can’t wait to feel the effect this will have dropped on festival stages! Here is what Sully had to say about the creation of “Scuba:”

“Scuba is one of the most simple yet effective tracks I’ve ever worked on. I had a travel day in Seattle and was staying with my friend Jesse for the afternoon. He had a copy of Ableton and a very small sample library on his computer and I decided to make a track with the downtime I had. It was a one-of-a-kind creative state where everything I did was working – two hours later I had most of the track that you hear today laid down. Big shoutout to my buddy Jesse for driving me from Portland to Seattle that day – none of this would be possible otherwise.” – Sully

With upcoming performances at the legendary Echostage in Washington DC and Lost Lands music festival, we couldn’t be more excited to see what else Sully has in store for his fans in 2023.

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