Sub Focus has been a predominant force in the Drum and Bass scene for decades, as well as in other areas of bass music. He has an arsenal of releases that span multiple subgenres and emotions, highlighting his ability to create and never confine himself to just one sound. This has been seen in earlier releases like his legendary “Hold On” Rusko remix, “Flashing Lights,” and on albums like Torus and more recently, Portals with Wilkinson. His DnB sounds have reached far beyond the UK for decades and when you listen to his music, it’s quite clear why.

Today, Sub Focus is back with his third solo album, and his first in ten years, Evolve. The fourteen-track album is some of his most beautiful and emotionally driven work thus far, with powerful lyrics and melodies found throughout. As well as the more soul-stirring tracks, listeners will also find, heavier-leaning tracks like “It’s Time,” with Gene Farris, and “Alarm,” with MC ID.

Sub Focus is an incredibly talented artist and this album is a reminder of everything that he’s accomplished so far and everything he will continue to do. Fans had already heard some of the tracks off the album that Sub Focus had dropped ahead of the full release, as well as songs Worship Tour attendees were lucky enough to experience in person live. Hearing “I Found You” played out over a dance floor of passionate DnB heads was magical and it’s even better knowing we can listen to it whenever we want and relive that magical tour night again through Evolve.

The journey of this album is something truly special, through each and every emotion we’re met with. It felt like a nostalgic journey through Sub Focus’ influences, as well as the sounds we all know and love from the DnB god. Make sure you really take the time to really sit back and enjoy each and every track on Evolve. Big ups to Sub Focus and all the other artists involved in creating such a memorable and noteworthy project for us fans to geek out over.

Stream it now below or on your preferred music platform, and let us know which tracks are your favorites off Sub Focus’ Evolve down below in the comments!

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