Carrie Ann Baade is an artist well known for combining different styles like Baroque and Renaissance and creating lush, flora and fauna-filled landscapes. She is well regarded as one of the best oil painters, with her lush, contemporary pieces telling layers of stories within each stroke.

Enter Lemondoza, the Denver bass maven and the head of the CVNTS Collective label. She is a badass producer who has heads turning all around the scene. Lemondoza appeared on our 2021 Cabin Fever Festival fundraiser, which benefitted the Innocence Project, alongside names like Floret Loret, AHEE, ill.gates, and more. She even contributed to the HIHF guest mix series early in 2022! You can check that filthy mix out here.

The two brilliant minds, Carrie Ann and Lemondoza, met at Art Basel 2022 and decided to put their big brains together for the good of the art world for this epic new music video for Lemondoza’s tune “Diamonds.”

All of the paintings in the project are from Carrie Ann herself, but the music and mixing of the visuals are done by Lemondoza. The video was even chosen amongst hundreds of submissions at the NFTNYC feminist art show event, presented by Pussy Riot, the massively popular feminist protest-rock group out of Russia. It’s crystal clear that Lemondoza struck gold getting to work with Carrie Ann.

Check out what Lemondoza had to say about meeting Carrie Ann Baade and how the project came together:

“I met Carrie during Art Basel Miami 2022 at one of the galleries where most of the art was psychedelic. At first, I saw the painting, it was very dark, very gothic looking. It was very different than anything in the gallery and I was so stunned by the images, I couldn’t even believe it. It literally touched my soul so deeply, I was like “this person gets it! I had to meet her!”. In-person she was so inspiring and had special aura around her for sure, after we talked she suggested using this for my music and I immediately had ideas. 

I always had appreciation for dark music and it obviously came with a specific aesthetic. But this time I wrote music inspired by the paintings. I heard a trap, phonk beat in my head with some classical instruments with a big low pass filter and loud high hats. Was definitely inspired by things that Cloud D, also DREVM, and Eevee with the beats and nostalgic feelings. But I think you can still hear that it is my style by the bass synths I made in vital and other sound designs I did. I was trying to make it all cool and dark with the bells, pads, and voices. I started using resonators a lot to make any sound seem like a real instrument. Found the rap sample online and strings from the kontakt library. I am usually not a minimalist producer or a person in general. I like to incorporate and mix things up a lot in my art. Love to take one sound and resample it over and over making the coolest noises out of it. This is one of not many tracks that I didn’t put my voice on, with the voice missing as one of the instruments, I used way more melodies to fill up the spaces. Sinusoid fold wave on the saturator with lots of all kinds of modulation on that bass synth so you can still put this tune into the bass music category. 

I got into animation a little over a year ago and it occupied a lot of my time and became one of my coolest artistic outlets that I can incorporate into my Lemondoza project. I thought right away that I would breathe even more life into the picture with some movement. Honestly after seeing one of those immersive Van Gogh exhibitions, where his paintings were animated, I thought it is cool and I can animate paintings too but I can animate it better. After this, I have been animating my own designs for my collective CVNTS. The world and social media is just very visual and good visuals always help music.

Nadya Tolokonnikova from Pussy Riot announced that she is curating the feminist art exhibition at Lume studios for NFTNYC conference, and this video was selected out of hundreds of submissions alongside other great digital artists“- Lemondoza

What did you think of this brilliant new video from Lemondoza and Carrie Ann Baade? Let us know down below in the comments and be sure to check out more of Carrie Ann’s work here:

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