Big Gigantic is one of the most tenured, legendary acts in the dubstep world. Their stylings touch tons of other sub-genres, but they’ve specifically been masters of the funky-bass-fueled sound since 2010, combining live drums and sax with low-end frequencies.

NGHTMRE is another iconic name in the EDM sphere. His meteoric come-up alongside Gud Vibrations co-label heads SLANDER over the latter half of the 2010s led to him crafting some of the most played tracks in the festival scene and even collaborating with multiple high-profile hip-hop names like A$AP FERG and Gunna.

The two acts have played shows together over the past four or five years as Gigantic NGHTMRE, fusing both of their iconic sounds together for a high-octane live performance. A few months back, Big Gigantic and NGHTMRE unleashed the first single off the official “Gigantic NGHTMRE” EP, “Back For More”.

Today, they’re back with the full rollout of the highly anticipated collision course of the two legendary EDM superstar acts. Featuring five tracks from Gigantic NGHTMRE, four brand new, this is an exciting day for mega-fans of both of these live music giants. The opening track is the bubbly “Back For More” featuring Olivia Sebastianelli, you can read our full thoughts on that track here.

Following that vocal-led opening masterpiece we’ve got “Disconnected.” It’s a filthy four-on-the-floor house beat that’s puppeteered by the beautiful sounds of Big G’s sax melodies. We can totally see this one being dropped in a set from the likes of John Summit, Chris Lake, AC Slater, or any other of the big-name house music gurus.

Next up, we’ve got “Twilight (Something’s Here).” Starting off with the effervescent horns that start to hypnotize the listener, until the beat builds up and you are thrown for a loop within your sunken trance. Once the bass drops, all madness ensues. Big saws and drums bring the firepower to this track and it’s sure to be a staple of the duo’s live sets.

Then we’ve got a massive track, “Never Loved You Like That,” featuring the magnificent vocals of SAFIA. A beautiful sax riff starts the song off, quickly flaunting an insane pipe-flexing performance from SAFIA. This artist’s voice is just infectious! The track eventually drops into an all-around party starter. “Never Loved You Like That” is going to be a chilled-out, must-add to your Summer 2023 and pool party playlists.

Gigantic NGHTMRE’s final tune is “Keep The Change,” which gives a poppier vibe. This one is CATCHY, it could definitely see some radio play, honestly. Bouncey and uplifting with horns but also relaxing, it really is yet another stellar addition to your Summertime playlists.

Here’s what each artist had to say about working with the other for the Gigantic NGHTMRE EP:

“I’ve looked up to Big Gigantic since attending my first festivals many years ago. They’re both so incredibly talented and made writing this EP super fun! We all really love how this music turned out even though some of it is a bit different from what we would normally make. We really tried to diversify our individual sounds and include a little bit of everything on this EP… from easy-listening house music to heavy festival bangers for our live show. No matter what the style, each song includes some live sax, drum elements, as well as signature sound design and melodic synthesizers that are staples of my own sound. We really feel each song represents our shared musical tastes! Hope you all love it!” – NGHTMRE

“We’ve had so many fun & awesome Gigantic Nghtmre shows over the past several years that we thought it would be fun to put a whole EP together. Music that was a good mix of our styles and crossed several genres in dance music and was something that both of our fan bases would really love. We got some demos together over the past few months, jumped in the studio and finished up some killer songs that we really love a lot and we know you will too!” – Big Gigantic

If you are in town, this weekend, you can catch Gigantic NGHTMRE live at their debut headline show at the beautiful Brooklyn Mirage venue in New York. They’ll also be playing as Gigantic NGHTMRE at North Coast Festival in Chicago, later this year in September.

(Photo Credit: Jason Siegel)

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