What started as a side project by the three bass gurus, CharlesthefirstSupertask, and potions, has since evolved into a movement. Created in 2021, Lab Group has seen collaborations with Tiedye KyTsuruda, and Player Dave. Their first official album, Lab Group I, drew massive success and put the trio on the map as a spirited family that sets out to spread only good vibes and pumps out some of the most dynamic bass music in the experimental bass industry. Lab Group’s first release, “Zoom In,” featuring potions and collaborator Tiedye Ky, flaunts a slightly beefier, more underground style and oozes all the vibey and grimey sounds. The second is “Dipping” featuring Supertask in collaboration with singer/songwriter Ruku, which is a more peaceful, euphoric journey of a track.

Following the passing of Charlesthefirst, Lab Group has remained persistent in keeping the love alive with their performances honoring what Charles would’ve wanted for the group. With performances at legendary festivals like Okeechobee, iconic venues like Webster Hall, or their headlining performance for the acclaimed Define Everything Future aka Def Global, this bass music supergroup doesn’t miss a beat. They have epic plans for the future, so be sure to keep up so you don’t miss out on one of their esteemed performances throughout the fall and winter.

“Zoom In” begins with a composed tempo before the bass thickens, dominating the melody with deep grungey beats. Tiedye Ky’s vocals are persistent throughout the entire track and create a clean transition between the drops before potions and TDK scramble your brain once again with deep underlying basslines. “Zoom In” radically switches up before the song’s closure with an ambient and melodic tempo taking the listener into a state of serenity.

“Dipping” is a melancholy anthem featuring the soothing vocals of Lab Group member Ruku. The latter of the two singles, this euphonious soundscape is a great place to relax your mind and take a break from the noiseiness of the world around us. It also features dispersed vocals from Supertask, whose tones match masterfully with Ruku’s always-dynamic performance. These two tracks are very different, but we obviously are all about artists switching things up and showing off as many sides of their production styles as they want. It’s going to be so exciting to hear more music from the upcoming highly anticipated album as the year goes on.

The first two singles off Lab Group II“Zoom In”  and “Dipping,” have everyone at HIHF ecstatic to hear what the rest of the album will sound like from one of the hottest acts in experimental bass music. If you’re as excited as we are, make sure to catch one of their upcoming performances listed in the Instagram post below!

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