CloZee’s imprint, Odyzey, has become a staple for rising producers within the bass music community to share their unique sounds with the world. Since its emergence in 2021, the platform has hosted releases with artists like Tripp St., Canvas, SaturnaESCPE, Saka, Saltus, VEIL, and more over the course of its first two compilation releases. Now, Odyzey Muzique Vol. 3 is out and once again hosting an array of individuals with distinctive vibrations and experimental frequencies.

Artists like Ahee, Yoko, Deafadil, Osyris, eyezic, and Homemade Spaceship can be found on the release, as well as collaborations between illoh and Venture 5, and Morillo and CØNTRA. While all of these artists share a similar passion, no two songs are the same, with each one highlighting the many different sides that come from this corner of bass music as well as the artists creating those sounds.

Live electronic festival favorites Elephant Heart’s “Summer Of Saigon” takes listeners on a journey through the jungle, with an emphasis on drums and other creatures found amongst the warmth and the trees. Yoko explores darker realms, with provocative rhythms and hypnotic beats, she’s ready to “Serve It Like” a new dish you want to indulge in again and again.

Homemade Spaceship carries forth lighthearted energy on “Mana Shifter,” with feelings of a sweet golden hour that are wrapped up amongst a slightly warm breeze. Listening felt like the seasons changing and watching the leaves begin to turn to the most miraculous of colors. No matter what mood you’re feeling, there is something for everyone on Odyzey Muzique Vol. 3.

One track that really captured my attention and took me to new places was “Breathe You In” from illoh and Venture 5, from the moment it began I felt myself get swept up in a wave of emotions. The low-end bassline intertwined with the melody and brooding vocals made the voyage through the sounds a beautiful and powerful one. Also, once the last bit of the track came in with a little drum and bass bit, it really solidified my curiosity and had me drawn even more towards the track.

Each compilation that comes out on this label shines a light on the many different aspects of the scene, as well as the tastemakers that are part of it. Whether you recognize the names or are just learning about them today, they’re all incredibly talented and have music that deserves to be heard. So make sure to give the compilation a listen, and let us know which tracks are your favorite in the comments from Odyzey Muzique Vol. 3!

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