West Coast bass music heavyweights Charlesthefirst, Potions, and Supertask are at the forefront of modern bass music. These three forward-thinking titans have been producing style oozing tunes for quite a while and are excited to present their latest chapter, Lab Group.

The collaborative project seeks to go beyond conventional bass music and venture to new inspiring facets of electronic music. Born from their 2018 self-titled tour “Lab Group”, the trio incorporates stage-ready bangers, emotional singing, experimental rap, and everything in between.

Their debut project “Lab Group I” begins with an electrifying tune, “Trapped In LA”, featuring the all impressive producers Tsuruda and Player Dave. This futuristic composition drips in swagger and finesse.

The following track, “Old Ways”, is a joint effect between supertask and Charlesthefirst’s side project Hawk. The Hawk project is a vessel for Charlesthefirst’s lyrical side. Meshing Hawk’s bars with Supertask’s production results in a modern masterpiece we are happy to see in the year 2021. The track “Space For Me”  flaunts their warmer, softer side. Featuring vocals from their pal TieDye Ky, this tune shows their range and wealth of versatility.

Here’s what the new bass super group had to say about their debut project:

“The debut Lab Group EP is finally here. Comprised of some of our favorite collaborations from the past few years, this release marks a new chapter for Lab Group as we let go of some our most coveted creations and invite some of our favorite artists on board.” — Lab Group

What was your favorite tune off of this outstanding new project? Let us know down below in the comments!

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