RL Grime is making his long-awaited return with his new three-part album that he just released! Five years removed from releasing his ground-breaking second album, “Nova“, RL Grime is back for more with his official third studio album, titled “Play“.

This new album consists of three parts, “Apex”, “Grid”, and “Rush”. Each part has a fresh take on the different sides of the dance music spectrum and allows Grime to paint his vivid picture for his listeners.

“Play” gives RL the chance to showcase his range, both individually and alongside with the help of fellow Sable Valley contributing artists ISOxo, JAWNS, Juelz, Baauer, Montell2099, Sublab, and many more talented artists.

Play: Apex

Apex kicks off “Play” with a bang as RL Grime debuts massive collaborations with JAWNS, ISOxo, and Juelz while unveiling his powerful sound with tracks like “Ultrawide,” “Runner,” and “Delta”.

  • “Ultrawide” – RL Grime
  • “NME” – RL Grime & JAWNS
  • “Zone” – RL Grime
  • “Jewel” – RL Grime & ISOxo
  • “Runner” – RL Grime
  • “Breach” – RL Grime & Juelz
  • “Delta” – RL Grime

Play: Grid

Grid comes in next with more melodic tunes that have become a staple for RL Grime’s performances. Grid includes major collaborations with Montell2099, Baauer, Sublab, and vocal features from EMELINE, 1nonly, Reo Cragun, Bea Miller, 070 Shake, and Noomi.

  • “Keep You (Close)” – RL Grime
  • “Borderline (feat. EMELINE)” – RL Grime & Montell2099
  • “Street Sweeper (feat. 1nonly)” – RL Grime
  • “Lose My Mind (feat. Reo Cragun)” – RL Grime
  • “Slow Dive (feat. Bea Miller)”- RL Grime
  • “Pour Your Heart Out (feat. 070 Shake)” – RL Grime
  • “I Am The Ocean (feat. Noomi)” – RL Grime, Sublab, Baauer

Play: Rush

Rush wraps up “Play” with seven beautiful tracks, all solo originals by RL Grime. Each song allows RL Grime to showcase his evolved production skillset and gives listeners a journey through the different sounds of dance music.

  • “I Think I’m Getting Emotional” – RL Grime
  • “Metro North” – RL Grime
  • “Push” – RL Grime
  • “Howling Fjord” – RL Grime
  • “Around Me” – RL Grime
  • “Hikari” – RL Grime
  • “The Afterglow” – RL Grime

RL Grime is set to present his “PLAY LIVE 2023 Tour” with support from JAWNS and 33 BELOW starting on October 26th in San Diego, CA.

See below for all tour stops. What did you think about RL Grime’s newest album “Play?” Let us know in the comments!

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