Following the conceptualization of his sophomore album, Hound, tiedye ky released his captivating new single, “Light Peaking.” With a heavy emphasis on vocals and instrumentals, as opposed to his more bass-heavy discography, tiedye ky has been on a fast track to becoming a driving force in the EDM industry. His vocal performances match the intensity of his beats and we are always loving when he changes gears.

Immersing listeners into the life of tiedye ky, each track he releases is a heartfelt confession of the daily struggles we all know and face. In 2020, he released Baby Blue and the Super Moonfollowed by the release of Hound in 2022. 

On top of an incredible discography, he’s also made time to join Lab Group members Supertask and Potions for collaborations on their side project with the late Charlesthefirst. Most recently, tiedye ky released “Zoom In” on the Lab Group project with collaborator potions

“Light Peaking” is a beautifully orchestrated masterpiece. Delving into the light we all share amongst our friends and family, this track is about the love and light someone’s presence can bring. “Light Peaking” delivers a heavenly melody with the addition of the strumming of an acoustic guitar, drums, and cymbals, and tiedye ky’s effervescent vocals. We can only believe “Light Peaking” is a tribute to Charlesthefirst, referencing the lyrics “when there’s light peaking through you, don’t keep me in the dark” from his fan favorite tune “Figured U Out.” 

tiedye ky never fails to take our breath away with his powerful lyricism and well-crafted production. He poured his heart out on “Light Peaking” and left us all feeling some type of way.

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