Fervor, Low Poly, and Inspectah are teaming up today for a brand new tune, “Depth Perception,” off the label Wavecraft Collective, an east coast underground bass hub that has helped propel some of the most exciting names in bass music like Fryar, Lavier, and loads more in the past. Now, Fervor, Low Poly, and Inspectah are stepping up to the plate for Wavecraft, and honestly, they knocked this one out of the park.

A trapped-out, low-end beat leads the listener in, having them question what is to come as brooding bass haunts in on them. The track then breaks down into a crunchy, wub-fueled soundscape, both serene and energetic. Eventually, it turns into all-out heart-pounding madness, making it a sure thing that it will be dropped on a proper speaker system sometime very soon.

This masterful new tune, “Depth Perception,” is the result of three big-brained producers putting their minds together and we hope to hear more music from the three of them soon! Here’s what they had to say about the new single:

“The three of us got together in LA without a plan or any expectations really. Just some homies sitting down and creating. The result shocked us, we feel like it’s a perfect culmination of all our sounds” – Low Poly, Fervor, and Inspectah

What did you think of “Depth Perception” from Low Poly, Fervor, and Inspectah? Let us know your thoughts on the tasty new tune down in the comments below!

Be sure to check out their solo works as well, we will link each of their SoundClouds too for you to peep!

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