TrebleTina takes us on a sonic journey through space and time with her new single, “Reverie,” released on The Gradient Perspective. TrebleTina has been steadily growing with her crafting of bass music with a spiritual, ancient, almost otherworldly touch that she brings to her production. We even had TrebleTina crush a guest mix for Heard It Here First, you can listen to that here. Her unique sound has landed her releases on labels such as Aspire Higher, High Vibe Records, and GRL GANG – this rising producer is one to watch!

“Reverie” has a haunting, glitchy undertone to the smooth bass that feels transcendent and sacred. It effortlessly flows throughout different tempos, captures listeners, and electrifies senses. Check out what TrebleTina had to say about her newest single:

“”Reverie” merges my love of deep bass, emotional leads, and chilling progressions in a way that transports listeners to a place where they feel free to let their minds wander without judgment. The word “Reverie” is a state of mind where a person is lost in thought, often daydreaming and encapsulated in their own imagination. It is an introspective and meditative state where your mind is able to wander freely and disconnect from reality. Music has the ability to transport the listener to a state of reverie, and I am hopeful that anyone who listens to this song is able to feel that.” -TrebleTina

One of TrebleTina’s passions is amplifying equal representation in the music industry, so she started Shades of Bass, an outlet where she highlights up-and-coming diverse artists. The mission is simple: to support diversity, equity & inclusion in the music industry by highlighting underrepresented voices, celebrating authenticity, and empowering others to do the same. This is such a powerful stance to take on and we are so happy to have a platform to bring it even more recognition! You can support TrebleTina’s Shades of Bass project here.

We’re so excited to watch this talented bass producer continue to rise in the world of electronic music and continue to evolve her project into something even larger. TrebleTina will have the world in her palms any day now, so stay locked in to her music!

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