Genre blender Tygris gives fans a taste of what he’s been cooking up lately with a new mixtape of all unreleased tracks dubbed “Loose Ends” Vol 2. This successor to Loose Ends Vol 1 gives fans more dance floor heaters, leaning into higher tempos and a healthy dose of drum and bass rollers. Tygris has had a massive year, taking Submersion Festival by storm, providing support to Michal Menert & Late Night Radio, releases with charles nimbus, Wessanders, Squalpat, and more. He gives fans insight into the change up from Volume 1 in his own words:
“It’s not that I want to leave any of that stuff behind – neuro bass, hip/hop and halftime beats – I’m just very inspired by the dance once again. I came up listening to harder dance styles and when I got into bass music it was so refreshing to listen to sounds that were easier on the ears, mind & body. Now that I’ve grown and have a more mature taste in music in general, I’m excited to revisit some of these styles that initially inspired me as a young raver. I’ll always love hip/hop & halftime beats, and over the top sound design, and I think down the line it’ll feel right again to immerse myself in that side of electronic music. It all comes in cycles and this is where I’m at right now” -Tygris
As he details, this new mix brings the heat with garage beats and breaks that still move and groove and ring true to the Tygris sound. It starts off with silky vibes and continues to flow effortlessly through the twenty-two-minute work. Varying elements keep the energy up and infuse listeners with a calm euphoria as the mix continues to build through the many waves and turns. It’s a home run for Tygris and we can’t wait to see where he takes us next! You can check out the mix down beneath the interview and keep reading to get to know Tygris below. Be sure to show him love on socials too!
  • HIHF: Did you grow up with music in your house? Where did the journey start for you?
  • Tygris: I definitely grew up with a lot of music being played in the house but neither of my parents played instruments. Thankfully when I wanted to start playing they were both very encouraging and got me my first bass for Christmas when I was 10. Over the years they continued to drive me around to music lessons and band practices and supported me being a musician. So I guess the journey started with me wanting to play in a band that sounded like ‘Green Day’ and my other friends already had a guitar and drum kit so I asked my parents for a bass.
  • HIHF: How did you get into turntablism?
  • Tygris: I’m actually not quite sure if I have a clear answer for this one to be honest haha. I remember always thinking it was cool and clearly a sign of being a skilled DJ beyond just making blends. And I think the traditional musician in me was really drawn to the tactile response of “move record: get sound” whereas with more traditional DJ blends it’s not like there is an instantaneous sound associated with the controls on the decks and mixer. It was always mysterious to me and seemed way out of budget to ever afford real turntables and a mixer, but one night I was chatting with kLL sMTH after he played a set in Brooklyn, and at the time he was using a mini turntable with a built-in mixer fader that only cost like $150 – which was way more affordable than getting a full set up. So I saved up a few paychecks and got my own and never put it down.
  • HIHF: Who are some artists that you draw inspiration from? Any up and comers that listeners should have their eye on?
  • Tygris: As of lately I’ve really been drawing a lot of inspiration from my roommates Wessanders and Charles Nimbus. Living together we all hear each other’s ideas in very primitive states so we get the chance to talk about our works in progress and offer input to each other. Beyond that I’ve been really hyped on Ooga’s sound – super jazzy and chunky and funky.
  • HIHF: Do you have a favorite/most memorable set that you’ve played? What made that moment stand out?
  • Tygris: I would probably have to say playing at Cervantes Ballroom last spring opening for DJ Qbert was a certain stand-out show. I mean just opening for DJ Qbert alone is a pretty big deal to me, He’s definitely one of the OG Goats of turntablism and getting to see him do it live was crazy, and someone offering for me to open for him was even crazier. It was also a 360 in the round show, and my first time doing one. It was pretty rad to see everyone in the crowd close up and get to experience my own set from the crowd perspective.
  • HIHF: What’s on the docket for Tygris in 2024? Anything we should be keeping an eye out for?
  • Tygris: Definitely keeping busy in 2024 – as of now just a lot of music is being lined up for release. I’m working on a couple of collab EPs and a couple of solo EPs, all sorts of genres and tempos – but I’m trying to keep each release themed/focused on one style or sound for the most part. I also have a new project with Wessanders & Charles Nimbus called “Villain Era” – it’s a collaborative project between us focused on more club-focused dance music, primarily breaks & garage. We have a ton of music started and we are gearing up for a handful of releases in 2024.
  • HIHF: One piece of advice for aspiring artists?


  • Tygris: Snacks in the studio, follow whatever is fun, don’t be sorry be silly (unless you actually frigg’d up) and as much as music and art is a great communicator and a way to connect with other people, make sure you’re doing it for you first.


  • HIHF: Big ups to Tygris for taking the time to speak with us!

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