Lizzy Jane taps into her emotions with a new fully-charged single dubbed “Heartbreak.” Lizzy Jane is hot off the trail of her Red Rocks debut as direct support for Gryffin, and her project is only growing bigger and bigger with each performance and release. Lizzy Jane’s love for music began when she was young, and her stamina and drive can surely take her to the top. Lizzy Jane has collaborated with some big names in the dubstep scene such as Figure, CRaymak, and SWARM, and she definitely has more up her sleeve for us in 2024. Today’s release is another example of her hit-making skills.

“Heartbreak” is a melodic dubstep banger that shows us Lizzy Jane can level up her production and continue to WOW her audience each time. This track includes original vocals by Lizzy Jane, and this is just a taste of what’s to come from the talented bass producer.  This song shows us such a raw and real side of Lizzy Jane that is chock full of emotions and passion. 

Here’s what Lizzy Jane had to say about her brand new single “Heartbreak:” 

“‘Heartbreak’ marks a new chapter for my project. It’s Emotional, Unique, & busting with Melody. ‘Heartbreak’ is a record encompassing the act of letting go in exchange for the beginning of something new. Incorporating live vocals & instruments on top of powerful synth production, ‘Heartbreak’ is a bold step forward that I’ve been working towards for a very long time.” – Lizzy Jane

Lizzy Jane’s project is moving into a new era and this track sets our expectations for what’s to come. She is laser-focused on keeping it authentic, real, and unique for her fans, and she is stepping into the light with a new confidence. Lizzy Jane is also passionate about her podcast, dubbed The Lizzy Jane Podcast, where she brings on other electronic producers to discuss various topics such as inspiration to make music, trends in the industry, mental health, and tons more. Lizzy Jane also has a HIHF guest mix under her belt, which you can listen to here! She’s a positive force in this industry and we can’t wait to see what she’s working on for her fans in the new year!

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