With Moonrise just a few weeks behind him and Lost Lands and EDC Orlando coming up on his festival roster, Midnight Tyrannosaurus has released his highly anticipated EP “The Heist.” The EP is a 13 minute thrill made to sound like a bank robbery and the tracks “Prologue (Nightcall Bootleg)”, “Midnight Animal (The Job)”, “The Getaway (Epilogue)” really nail the story from being called for a job, carrying it out, and driving the getaway car as police sirens wail behind.  

Of the 3 tracks, my favorite has to be number 2. In true Midnight T style, he goes heavy with the wubs after a robotic female voice proclaims, “Please be advised the following presentations is not intended for minors.”

If you’re ready, this 3 track EP is available on Soundcloud and can be downloaded for free. Listen below


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