With bass-infused, provocative, and brooding melodies, sharlitz web has solidified a name for herself in this corner of dance music. She’s graced stages at festivals like Wakaan Festival and Forbidden Kingdom, as well as landing releases with Wakaan, and sister label, SSWKAN. Her innovative sounds have made her a tastemaker you won’t be able to get enough of once her frequencies playfully dance in your ears. Now, she’s tearing down walls and taking us on a journey of rebirth, and rising from the ashes with her latest SSWKAN release – Spider Lily.

The spider lily, in Asian culture, is known to be a farewell flower, given to those preparing to embark on a long journey; symbolizing death and rebirth. sharlitz web is giving listeners a deeper peak inside her mind, as she exposes a personal rebirth and journey of her own self through the sounds found within the EP. It’s a profound and inspiring thing to see someone share such things in a vulnerable way, especially through music. These three tracks found within Spider Lily will do just that, and touch the souls of anyone who takes a listen.

“Therapy” begins the journey, and wow, what an emotive and heart-wrenching track. While you can feel moments of pain, there are also moments of healing and beauty in the sadness. sharlitz web did an incredible job of capturing the feelings of loss and the movements we go through to find ways to lessen the pain. Just like a dark storm, the light will always find its way through again.

Next up on the EP is “Dark Roots.”  It’s a captivating track that beautifully encompasses the next phase of healing through syncopated frequencies and low-end, bass-driven melodies. My heart aches for everyone whose been trying to move through the pain of a loss, and “Dark Roots” feels like the sounds we all needed to let us know we aren’t alone, and we can make it through. Here’s what sharlitz web had to say:

“I wrote this EP in the midst of a tsunami wave of emotions that arose around the anniversary of when my sister had passed. I started feeling her more with me and her trying to uplift me through all of these emotions.

It really was like a tidal wave because before I knew it I was so submerged in the creation of this new sound of mine. She was guiding me in a way that helped me create the music I needed to hear to help heal me from this. As I was writing ‘Spider Lily’ I just kept crying these happy tears that came from a place of light and love. It didn’t hurt as much to think about her because I could feel her through the sound.

I like to look at the Spider Lily flower as a constant cycle of growth and evolution. This EP symbolizes my rebirth when she was taken. It symbolizes the rising phoenix in you to get ready to embark on this journey with perseverance and strength. It symbolizes that even if someone/something you love is gone, they are STILL with you.

Inspirations behind this are drawn from CharlestheFirst and his ability to create a safe space for his listeners. That’s what I want, is a safe space for my listeners to let go— To be vulnerable and open minded to healing, therapeutic music and allow yourself to submerge deep enough to rise out of whatever it is that’s hurting you.” – Sharlitz Web

While the feelings of missing someone never fully fade, if we can just “Hold On” and keep pushing, we will find ways to make it through. My jaw honestly dropped when I first heard this, the vivid imagery and powerful elements filled up my heart and made me feel a sense of peace. I felt like I was running through the forest, beams of sunlight finding their way through the trees and clouds. Those beams kissing my fingertips as I ran them through it as if they were strands of hair.

You really can feel the pain and healing sharlitz web went through and the emotions and vulnerability she poured into this EP. Spider Lily is an incredible body of work and we are eternally grateful that it was shared with us. You can stream it now below or on your preferred music platform. Have a favorite track? Let us know in the comments!

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