The long-awaited album from one of EDM’s most interesting characters, Getter, has finally been released. This 12 track adventure through the artistic mind of Tanner Petulla (Getter) is something extremely special. Many artists tend to stick to what gave them their name in the industry, however, Getter has broken those rules again. Sticking to his passion by creating the sounds that spark a light in him, he has constructed an album that is, collectively, one of the most insane soundscapes I’ve ever heard.

Touching on many hardships he has faced in his own life, this album is a story itself, one of unhealthy relationships, heartbreak, and rejection. Each track absolutely kills it on its own, he utilizes so many different styles of music throughout each track and includes some of his very own vocals on “Colorblind”. With his usual styles being trap and dubstep, these genre’s influence are felt throughtout the album, as well as an extremely interesting future bass track “Hold On Tight” with NJOMZA. After listening to the whole album through and through, all together, it is nothing short of a masterpiece.

I have never been the biggest Getter fan, but after listening to this album I have a new favorite artist. Every song has a different little surprise in it, using wildly different sounds and alignments, rather than using the usual formula of an intro, build, drop, repeat. With features including Audio Opera, Allan Kingdom, Sweetsound, Midoca, and so many more, the production on this album might be the best I’ve ever heard. I know Wayne’s album might take the cake this weekend for most popular but this album is so worth the listen, it’s unreal. Listen to the full album below and throw some love Getter’s way.

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