Hex Cougar struck gold recently with his “Glass Hearts” collab with graves and Lil Narnia. They let loose that banger less than a month ago and now Hex Cougar is back with another absolute smash. For “Silence“, the litty kitty of darkness recruits the chilling vocals of Sara Skinner, who you may recognize from her collabs with Manila Killa or Crankdat.

On “Silence“, Hex Cougar capitalizes on that Midtempo bass craziness that’s all the rage right now, showing off his serious production prowess. This man has got talent, be sure to catch him as he tours the country with graves on his Far From Here tour.  Check out what Hex Cougar had to say about “Silence” beneath the Soundcloud embed.

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Silence came about from this idea I had to make a really heavy, massive trance song. I originally had a different name for the track, but I sent it over to Sara and she laid down a slightly different idea she had that I instantly fell in love with. I think it’s kind of ironic/amusing how the track is called Silence, but it’s actually loud as hell lmao.”

– Hex Cougar


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