This track has been teased in Illenium‘s sets for a bit now. Today, this epic team-up from the king of EDM feels and the intimate and confessional Pop heavyweight, Jon Bellion, is finally here.

Jon Bellion‘s last album was huge for him. Before that, he was mainly only known for his two main hits, “Luxury” and “All Time Low“. With his 2018 Glory Sound Prep album, Bellion brought us a project jam-packed with infectious and even more importantly, real and raw, bangers, resulting in an even bigger boom in his already-massive following.

On their new team up, Illenium envisions a sonic backdrop of glitchy beats, delicate acoustic guitar, and ethereal percussion, and Jon Bellion’s dynamic voice leaps from intimate verses towards a delightfully dizzying crescendo.

With these two artists having some of the most interactive fan bases in the industry, their new collab is sure to blow up big. “Good Things Fall Apart” brings that emotional, vibey energy that both artists are known for straight to the listener’s ears.

Keep an eye out for the music video to their new collab coming VERY soon.

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