Haunting chords from an opera house organ. Fanfares of trumpets behind a veil of old-time radio static. Sweeping space-cowboy guitar solos. Heavenly vocals laid over harmonious strings. Honestly, the seemingly obvious addendum from our robotic overlord in the third track “Disorder (Rebirth)” – a brief assertion that “it’s time for drum and bass” – was necessary to remind me exactly what genre I had signed up for when diving into RIOT‘s debut LP Dogma Resistance.

LA-based electronic duo RIOT’s launch album certainly blasts off right from the jump. The diversity in tone and musical influence across the 10-track odyssey solidifies this artistic venture as more than just an album; no, Dogma Resistance is indicative of an artistic prowess deeper than just a musical release. Few artists (NGHTMRE, 311, and Shaggy to name a few) have been bold enough to attempt a comic book/album audiovisual release.

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While the sounds of the LP themselves are more a culmination of ideas than an invention of a new genre, the storytelling is the true motivating and innovating force behind this release. Drawing influence from famous stories such as The Day The Earth Stood Still, Terminator, and (maybe) even JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, the story arc traverses a variety of sounds under the umbrella of drum and bass, synthesizing sounds from the intergalactic industrialism of “Overture 1990,” the symphonic Middle Age tones of “Blackwater, and the sprawling Arabic melodies of “Aiwa” alongside dozens of other musical influences.


Although the comic book will not be released until November 13th (tomorrow), the album creates an intensely visceral sphere of artistry that leaves listeners with more than enough auditory imagery to hold them over the short week until its release.

Check out our conversation with RIOT below and be sure to give their debut album a listen, out now through Monstercat!

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H: How did the two of you meet?

R: Both of us (Tom and Daniel) were always into music since we can remember. Daniel as a drummer in a metal band and myself as a DJ since I was 13. We met through my best friend Jordan, which is Daniels cousin and since then we made it our destiny and life purpose to start a world wide RIOT with our music and live performances.

Who are a few of your influences?

Muse, Metallica, Rage Against The Machine, System of a Down, Skrillex, Kill The Noise, Flux Pavillion and so much more. Are childhood was spent loving heavy music but we also like classical music and cinematic music which is shown in our music

What do you want fans to know about “Dogma Resistance”?

We created this album to create a musical story line. We don’t really have a “for the fans” message, more what we love to see is fans taking our art and recreating it with their vision. We have had so many fan-made drawings, sketches and talks about what Dogma Resistance means to them and this is something we value greatly.

How did you connect with HERO and come up with the comic book/graphic novel idea?

Our Management brought the idea to the table and we fell in love with it instantaneously. Our agent i think brought it to our manager as well shout-out Cory and Ben!

What can you tell us about the Israeli bass/dub step scene? There are a couple on the rise DJs from there (including you two obviously), Tel Aviv is known for BassCamp. Can you tell us a little more about the rave scene in general there as well?

Back in the day, we used to have dub-step icons in Israel on a weekly basis but that’s something that unfortunately didn’t last and the scene kinda collapsed on itself.. happily these past few years a company named Basscamp owned by Ami and Nevo (Shout-out to both of you!) which are really good friends of ours decided to bring it back! The scene is not big like the states but it’s created a really tightened community that roll like a family. A lot of people from Israel also travel to a lot of festivals out of country specifically for bass music. BassCamp is definitely our second home and we preform there every time we’re coming back, just wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t!

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