Lucii has had a massive 2020, with hits under her belt like Me & You”  featuring Champagne Drip and “You” featuring Sam Lamar. The extraterrestrial multi-talent has made a name for herself with her diabolical wubs and her infectious vocals that she flaunts on almost every one of her releases.

Lucii is on an unstoppable upward trajectory towards Dubstep superstardom and she’s sure as hell is not slowing down any time soon.

On her newest work, “Till the Day I Die”, Lucii makes a return to the Midtempo subgenre. Featuring blasting bass and transcendent vocals, the new single is an ode to falling in the ultimate, all-consuming love. Lucii has dabbled in Midtempo in the past, with past cuts like “Dance” and “Invade”.

Another release through Liquid Stranger‘s esteemed Wakaan label, this one is sure to be the perfect mixture of heart and head-banging for any and all Bass fans across the country.

Enjoy Lucii’s new work, “Till The Day I Die”, and let us know what you thought down below in the comments.

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