When people mention New Zealand and bass music, there is one name that reigns supreme. Deep, Dark, & Dangerous label bosses Truth have been making disgustingly deep tunes for many years now. Their prolific label, Deep Dark & Dangerous, have some of the finest fruits that deep dubstep has to offer. There is no debating the significance of the duo to the genre as a whole.

Truth returns to dropping jaws on their newest project, the “Neptune” EP. It features otherworldly soundscapes that are sure to send tingles down your spine. This hefty and often horrifying project hits everything you’d expect from a Truth release with terrifying samples composed to complement their low-end frequencies.

From interstellar travel on the title track, “Neptune”, to cascading basslines on “Shrouds”, there are sounds for all different deep dubstep fans right here on Truth’s new EP.

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