Is anyone else as excited about Tennessee’s Bigfoot Electro 2022 as we are?! This intimate Tracy city bass music festival boasts one of the most incredible spring lineups, jam-packed with some of the top experimental bass acts and rising stars. With over seventy-five artists gracing the lineup, this is one festival that you won’t want to miss! Bigfoot features headliners TRUTH, Mr.Bill, and The Widdler. So, to help hype you up, we’ve created a list of some of our top must-see performances for the upcoming throwdown.

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DMVU has proven himself as one of the most adaptable artists on the lineup, with an ability to create magic with his production and mixing talents. This young artist headlined HIHF’s Cabin Fever Festival in 2021 and is a fam-favorite amongst the HIHF team. With massive releases on top bass labels like WakaanDeep Dark & Dangerous19k, and Circus Records, he is a powerhouse of an artist guaranteed to make both the floor and your teeth rattle with bass at his Bigfoot 2022 performance. 

2. Floating Sea

Keyboardist Sean DiCosola of Chachuba brings his production prowess to the decks creating a mesmerizing experience. Fusing elements of deep bass, jungle, and everything in between, Floating Sea’s sets deliver a mind-melting soundscape of epic proportions. Whether playing solo or with his three-piece band, he always brings an experience like no other. 

3. Raydium

Kentucky local Raydium has been proving himself as a force to be reckoned with in the vast world of drum and bass. This rising up-and-comer has had multiple releases in 2022 and is capable of bringing explosive energy to every performance. If you crave fast-paced footwork, then this is one artist you surely won’t want to miss. 

4. illanthropy

We are massive fans of illanthropy’s contemplative dubstep and freeform sound. If you’ve checked out his installment in our guest mix series, you know the range of energetic and meditative bass that can be found in one of his sets. If you haven’t already, peep the mix and you’ll be convinced you need to be at this set!

5. sillysounds

Don’t let her name fool you, sillysounds’ growing discography is anything but silly. With some wonderfully strange beats and hypnotizing experimental bass, this up-and-comer’s set is sure to be a genre-blending, bass-fueled treat that you need in your life.

6. Sonorous

With the production goal of making you question your existence, Sonorous hits the mark every time. Whether you fancy brutal dubstep or like your bass experimental, she does it all. If you want to be hit with a bass-load of ‘wtf just happened?’ Sonorous is a set you cannot miss.

7. Illexxandra

Illexxandra has uniquely paved their path within electronic music. With a tight grip on the underground and an impeccable taste in global bass, soundsystem culture, and future sounds, an Illexxandra set is equal parts hype as it is an educational journey throughout sound. If you want to be blown away by all the nooks and crannies in bass music, you will be at Illexxandra’s set.

8. Vusive

If you are a music lover in general, beyond electronic music, then you must add Vusive to your schedule. With a classical background in violin and drawing inspirations from Hip-Hop, Jazz, Electronic, Indie, and Metal, these experiences and knowledge have helped Vusive to build a rich discography that is just as filthy as it is soulful.

Hopefully your schedule just got a little bit tighter trying to fit all of these epic artists into it. We hope to see you all in a few weeks at Bigfoot Electro 2022!

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