Two of Wakaan’s finest, Dirt Monkey–a Colorado Native AKA the “King of the Jungle” and  Sully –an L.A. based DJ/Producer + Icon Collective graduate have combined creative forces to bring us a majestic dubsteppin’ tune titled “King Kong.”

 “Sully and I wrote this lil number on Liquid Stranger’s tour in early 2020 right before the pandemic hit… we tried to make it as anthemic as possible, and it’s gotten a great crowd response every single time I’ve played it, so I’m very excited for it to be out!” – Dirt Monkey

Once again on-trend, the beautiful album artwork is crafted by the esteemed visual artist Incedigris, who in the past was responsible for minting Dirt Monkey and the 19k label‘s very first NFT.

The track was conceived when the two crossed paths on the ASCENSION Tour, in support of the Wakaan label boss, Liquid Stranger

“Pat (Dirt Monkey) is an absolute beast of a producer, a great friend, and has been an influence for me over the years. King Kong came together SO quick. I remember passing the laptop and headphones back and forth every half hour until it was knocked out one afternoon before we played a show in Baton Rouge. The next day, we wrapped up the song in Luzcid’s kitchen in Houston and got to play out the full product at the Ayva Center for one of my last stops of the tour.” – Sully

Dirt Monkey and Sully gifted us fans, the Banana Bunch, with a unique listening experience filled with a deliciously familiar yet eerie arpeggio layered with lingering bass synthesizers and building anticipation followed by wonky bass wobbles, spacey soundscapes, and an upbeat tempo.

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