Two of the hottest up and comers out there, NotLö and Veil (formerly known as spacegeishA), are teaming up to bring us an out-of-this-world experience. Their new collaborative EP, “Exoplanet”, is a fantastic addition to any bass lover’s playlists. The two producers’ styles blend in perfectly, making you feel like you’re truly on a journey to another planet. The two tracks, “Exoplanet” and “Someday”, are showcases as to what Veil and NotLö bring to the table, and you know that the best of the two is yet to come!

Veil continues to bless the bass scene with a variety of groundbreaking releases for over a decade. She recently joined the Wakaan family with a stunning two-track EP Summon that blew us away with its dark bass vibes. She also has her own incredible collective, Street Ritual, which shines light on the underground bass producers who are all loaded with immense amounts of potential!

NotLö is an up-and-coming bass producer who continues to crush it on every release she puts out, and we know she’s going to have a massive breakout year in 2021. She continues to use her voice to impact the community in a very powerful way, we even sat down with her a few weeks back for an interview. You can read that here. She also put out her collab with Sky Suite on the Electric Hawk compilation album, and you can catch her on their In Unity digital festival tomorrow night!

Both of these tracks are sure to leave your ears vibrating and they are a perfect add to any bass fan’s playlists. Check out the EP below and let us know in the comments what you think!

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