Joshua Steele, or Flux Pavilion, is a staple and legend in the Dubstep community. Starting from the age of six behind the piano keyboard, Flux eventually traded it in for a computer keyboard in his teens and took on electronic music production. He spent time developing and crafting his sound which quickly earned him recognition and took on a life of its own. From the bangers that we all know and love, such as “I Can’t Stop” and “Bass Cannon”, to co-creating and curating Circus Records, Flux has left an enormous mark on the Dubstep scene.

Today, Flux Pavilion has started a new chapter with his latest .wav LP on Circus Records. After spending a decade innovating cutting-edge Dubstep, Flux has been exploring fresh territory with his production. The sixteen-track masterpiece features stunning melodic synths with electric guitar and singing, not to mention a lineup of analog synths. .wav features other trailblazers such as What So Not, Feed Me, and Chime to name a few, each artist recruited to compliment Flux Pavilion’s new era while adding their own sound to the tracks.

The project also includes “Twitterbird“, which is a collaborative piece between Flux Pavilion and his dedicated listeners. After sending out a bid for samples from his followers, producers flooded submissions with their samples to be added to the track. The track sat unreleased from his previous studio album. In April last year, he went through the process behind the track’s transformation in his online series ‘From the Lab’ on YouTube and Twitch.

.wav is a profound example of producers being able to delve into other genres and grow their sound while staying true to their core. Check out Flux Pavilion’s boundary-pushing .wav LP below. Be sure to let us know which track was your favorite both down below and on our socials!


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