Flux Pavilion is well known as one of the founding fathers of mainstream dubstep, with his smash hits “Bass Cannon” and “I Can’t Stop” still dominating festival stages to this day. For his last album, Flux took a change of pace and went down a more melodic, poppier path. His full-length 2021 project .wav , which featured appearances from What So Not and Chime, showcased vocal-driven anthems that still packed a punch, just more future-bass heavy rather than that dubstep firepower he was more well-known for.

Today, he returns to his own label, Circus Records, for his first release since the .wav album. On the ethereal new single “Lore,” Flux journeys back to his roots. Leading off with an intense mythos being told to the listener, explaining the story of the four celestial powers and the elder gods. After all this time, they are finally being unleashed.

The story crafted here exudes to Flux’s return to that heavy dubstep style and that’s exactly what we get when the drop hits. This hypnotizing banger is going to be perfect for festival season and additionally will flow effortlessly between his new melodic art and his OG dubstep hits.

Here’s what Flux had to say about his newest single, “Lore” :

“Following .wav I want to dive deeper into the fluxiverse, what better way than to lay the foundation for the whole concept! The sound of this record feels pretty important too, I want to show the world I’m not done with destroying dancefloors but I want to do it the flux way!” – Flux Pavilion

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