For all you hi-fi freaks who’ve been missing your Funktions on the beach and your Henneys in the woods, salvation has come! Hullabalo0 and gang are here to melt faces and speaker cones alike on Habeneuro: Remixed, the fattest bass cypher of 2021! 

Habeneuro by Hullabalo0 was no joke, the bass and piano wizard delivered one of the wildest glitchy, halftime, bassy rides of 2020. In fact, Anand Harsh, editor in chief of nominated Habeneuro as album of the year. Back to reinforce the original record properly, Hullabalo0 gives his friends a swing at things in this eclectic, tasteful remix album.

Listeners will feast their ears and minds on gorgeous downtempo, invigorating half-time, next level glitch, proper jungle, and more bass than you could dream of! With tunes by Duffrey, Integrate, Schmoop, kLL sMTH, Mindex, Somatoast, Dillard, Seppa, Parrotice, and Bricksquash, your sonic palate is in preeminent hands. This compilation is sending us back to Tipper and Friends, or even the Incendia Stage late night at Okeechobee, and those otherworldly dreams. Be sure to crank your speakers all the way up for this one! 

Some of our favorites from the release include Another Day – Duffrey Remix” a smooth neuro late night journey through shiny fields of stars, “Paradonks – Schmoop Remix” a gritty half time banger that’ll get your feet hot and your body wiggling in no time, “Reality Check – kLL sMTH Remix” a dirty hip hop inspired one two beat sure to drive you mad in seconds.

Habeneuro – Mindex Remix” is one of the most gorgeous downtempo joints of 2021 to bless my ears, it tastefully samples the outro piano riffing from Hullabalo0 himself in the original “Habeneuro.” Also making our favorites list is “Smoons – Somatoast Remix” which again takes the original piano work from the master Hullabalo0 and redecorates it in an entirely fresh ensemble filled with delicious spacey beats and chaotic glitchy madness.

Last, but certainly not least on our list brings us to the epic “On the Level – Bricksquash Remix” which hits the sweet spot on so many different facets… this trappy, bassy, half-time, glitch masterpiece is the energy I’m looking to soak up all summer long as vaccines begin to roll out and event companies begin to plan safe shows again. 

Here’s to Spring, here’s to the end of the music industry drought, and here’s to a bright and bassy Summer! Enjoy the Habaneuro Remixed album below.

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