sharlitz web is a Chicago-raised, LA-based producer spinning her web and descending onto the Bass scene. Channeling the spirit of her best friend and sister whose loss was tragic, Charlotte, sharlitz web is an ode to and inspired by her muse, using the sixth sense to communicate with her in the other realm. The project is a way for the essence of Charlotte to continue in this plane and an outlet for her to take the pain and turn it into beautifully complex and haunting liquid bass, melancholy melodies, and hybrid beats.

Even more bewitching than her tunes, sharlitz web aims for her catalog to be a vessel that will infect listeners with love through profound resonance and low-end ‘freakquencies’. Using her sonic universe to paint a picture with original tracks like “7 sins” and “deep dream,” her discography features tunes that convey the vastness in the spectrum of highs and lows that life has to offer through visceral vibrations.

Today, sharlitz web makes her SSKWAN debut with a soul-stirring installment, “Dark Places.” The track highlights sharlitz web’s production abilities, using unique sound design to create texture-heavy atmospheres that engulf you in exactly how she was feeling at the time of creation. “Dark Places” goes against all conventions to tell a story, abandoning the rules to convey the experience of drifting around a dark, haunting place.

“I wrote this song while I felt trapped in an unfamiliar place. It felt like chaos, yet somehow there was peace. The yin of darkness to the yang of light. I was invited into a realm where I was thrown upside down and had to find my escape.”
— sharlitz web

What did you think of sharlitz web’s “Dark Places?” Be sure to check the tune out now on SSKWAN and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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