Cntrlla and Moniker are linking up today for an absolute collision course of a track. The two up-and-coming artists have teamed up with the Wavecraft Collective, a hub for all things underground bass music.

Cntrlla recently appeared on Boogie T‘s Drama Club Records alongside Big City, on their Other Frequencies EP. He also just played alongside beardthug and SAGZ at Chicago’s Cairo Ale House, featuring Funktion One Sound.

Moniker has played alongside Cntrlla in the past as well. Cntrlla provided direct support for Moniker on his Encryption tour in early 2020 on select dates. Moniker has also provided support for Jantsen, LSDream, and Zebbler Encanti Experience in the past, as well as playing festivals like The Untz and Bamboo Fest.

On today’s collaboration track, “On The Corner”, the two artists flex their production muscles. Here’s what each of them had to say about their newest work:

“On the Corner was a love letter to some of my favorite styles of the hip-hop subgenres such as phonk/g-funk. The vocal blends so well with the sort of mind-bending sound design we used on this beat. Working with Moniker is always surreal to me as he is one of my favorite producers and has been for many years. Working with him is an honor and I’m very happy he blessed me with a placement on this EP.” -Cntrlla
“On the Corner was a blast to make because it really combines elements I love, like the dragging drums and wide open saw wave baselines with the awesome FM stuff that Kota (Cntrlla) is able to pull off. Also, it’s different than some of our other collaborations which have a more bouncy and goofy sound, this one takes a very psychedelic and ominous tone which I love. -Moniker
What did you think of this huge new collab? It’s slated as the first single from Cntrlla’s upcoming EP. Let us know what you thought down below in the comments.

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