Liquid Stranger‘s downtempo label, SSKWAN, has become one of the hottest labels in the bass scene. Already, we have seen beautiful tracks from Au5, INZO, LUZCID, Mize & Super Future, Headphone Activist, and sharlitz web. These releases are more calming to the soul in comparison to those you would hear on Wakaan.

Today’s track on SSKWAN might be the most innovative one yet. Redrum‘s “Phases” is a stunning first single off of her upcoming Pisces Moon EP.

The Portland-based producer has only been producing for a short amount of time, but Redrum’s impact on the scene has been felt quickly. Her tracks such as “Fluid”, “Souffle”, and “broken have attracted thousands of fans from around the world to her sound. She has perfected the future trap/bass genre time and time again with her own amazing twist on it. Redrum tries something new with today’s track, and it’s the most creative release that she has crafted to date!

With “Phases”, Redrum pulls you in with an intro for the ages. Bubbly textures immediately set a calming mood. It reminds you of a starry night with the moon shining bright on you. After about thirty seconds, Redrum inserts a gorgeous drumline to continue the mood. Throughout “Phases”, these sounds set a tone like no other. You feel as though you are at peace within yourself as you walk through nature at midnight. It’s as if a sense of happiness is surrounding you. “Phases” one of those tracks you can listen to over and over again and just not get sick of.

With her upcoming SSKWAN EP, we know that Redrum’s career is about to skyrocket. She’s also slated to play Forbidden Kingdom festival alongside the rest of the WAKAAN/SSKWAN family at their festival takeover.

“Phases” is an incredible start to her journey. The SSKWAN label brought in a hell of a talent once again, and we cannot wait to see what’s in store for Redrum! Check out what she had to say about the new tune below.

“The process of writing Phases was about becoming comfortable with change and finding peace with the fact that nothing is permanent. The title draws inspiration from going through the process of accepting and finding beauty in the many phases of life and channeling that into this piece was very cathartic for me.” –Redrum

You can check out this track below and let us know your thoughts in the comments or on socials!

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