In the past few years, Mersiv has cultivated a cult fanbase for good reason. Nonstop releases have kept his fans’ ears satisfied, all whilst performing unique live shows all over the country and leaving audiences with their jaws on the floor.

Today, Mersiv joins with bass music powerhouse Smoakland to deliver an instant classic of an EP. The “What You Want” EP is a triple dose of bangers that will be in our playlists for years to come. Holding back for nobody, this project is a perfect example of how far bass music has come and how talented today’s producers are.

The title track, “What You Want”,  opens this project swinging for the fences. This home run of a tune draws listeners in levels them with a vicious tsunami of wobbles. As if this project couldn’t get better, the low-end heavy track “Running Through” is genius in its own right. A true delight for the ears, the EP concludes with “Demonstrate”, featuring the vocals of frequent collaborator and friend Knat Turner. This dancefloor-ready tune is sure to cause chaos in the crowd.

This project follows Mersiv’s Legion Of Boom EP, which highlighted collaboration tunes with Opalyte, Wriza, Killa Nova, and Chill Bobby.

As if this wasn’t enough to keep you happy all year, Mersiv is gearing up to release his debut album, “Pretty Dark Loud”, this October. Keep an eye out for music from Mersiv and Smoakland here at HIHF!

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