The masked musical magician SuperAve and the free-flowing bass duo Smoakland have teamed up for their new “Method To The Madness” EP out now on Mersiv’s MorFlo Records. This exciting new EP comes just in time for the start of their Method To The Madness tour.

These forward-thinking artists have been pushing the boundaries of experimental bass music and have quickly gained massive notoriety amongst fans and artists alike. SuperAve has developed a unique futuristic sound that sets them apart from others while remaining true to their old-school roots, collaborating with the likes of Jantsen, Mersiv, and Sully.  Smoakland has created a name for themselves with their production prowess of multiple genres, DnB, classic dubstep, and new-age bass music. The West-coast duo has also collaborated with Mersiv in the past, on their epic three-track “What You Want” EP.

With two previous collaborations between the two artists, “Telegraph” and “No Good,” the hype has been real for this collaborative EP through MorFlo. 

“Method To The Madness” EP takes off with the hybrid trap – dubstep banger, “Method.” Smooth drum beat transitioning into deep heavy dubs paired with the powerful vocals by Knat Turner that take listeners down a rabbit hole. This one delivers a hard-hitting sound guaranteed to blow out both your speakers and knees. Once you think you’ve caught your breath, you find yourself blasting into another dimension with “Madness.” This one takes that anger-fuelled energy to a new level with a brutal syncopation of tempo and synth transitions that will leave listeners dumbfounded.

Smoakland and SuperAve came out guns blazing and wanted to show that they were ready to melt faces for their upcoming tour with the release of “Method To The Madness.” Be sure to catch them at a venue near you and be prepared because this is a tour you can’t afford to miss!

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