Sam Eckstein, better known as Esseks, is a multi-faceted artist. He has continued to grow as a producer, creating beats that get a crowd moving, no matter what the case. He was one of the first producers to release on Liquid Stranger‘s esteemed Wakaan label and has also released crazy tunes on Bassrush, Gravitas Recording, and Sleeveless Records. Not only has he crafted bass music for a long time, but he also creates his own gorgeous graphics that he uses for his cover art.

After three jaw-dropping singles with Deadbeats, Esseks finally releases his newest album “The Villain’s Journey”. These nine tracks are some of the wonkiest bass tunes you can get. To say that Esseks knocked it out of the ballpark with this new concept album would be an understatement.

Esseks creates a vibrant, unique story with the full-length project, painting and illustrating with his music this time as opposed to his water-color paintbrushes. “The Villain’s Journey” is a voyage within the music that takes place inside a dystopian world. Each track on this album describes a different scenario, it’s quite common for a producer to tell a tale through music, but it’s not always crafted as intricately as Esseks has done here.

There are elements of deep dubstep, bass, trap, hip-hop, and more throughout the project. Tracks like “Watching From A Distance” and “Babayaga” make you want to dance around your room, while tunes such as “End Of The Tunnel” are much slower, packed with more emotion, and a bit more soothing. There’s no boundary to this collection and it results in a full-length bass music masterpiece.

This album proves yet again that Esseks is a force to be reckoned with. The NY based producer continues his upwards trajectory in the scene here and this is what he had to say about The Villain’s Journey”:

“The inspiration behind this album came from all the prog-rock concept albums I listened to as a kid. There was something epic to me about musicians trying to tell a story through their music even if it was, in most cases, overambitious stories about a distant future in which “rocking” is outlawed or something so vague that the person describing it to you barely knows the story but loves telling you it exists. I wanted to make the kind of album your burnout older brother would show you in his airbrushed van or whatever the modern equivalent of that is. I made a series of illustrations around a loose narrative inspired by the music. It’s about a sword-wielding protagonist who navigates a flooded post-apocalyptic New York City. I would prefer to keep the narrative open to interpretation beyond that but I make some hints in the art and in the vinyl booklet about what it’s about to me.”  -Esseks

What did you think of the full-length album? Check it out below and let us know your thoughts in the comments section or on our socials!

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