Tallahassee-based producer, AVELLO, has discovered his niche within the realm of the underworld as he concocts his recipe of ethereal bass melodies and harmonic hymn patterns. His original touch of authentic trap and future bass elements connects with warm and powerful undertones, ultimately creating a melodic, yet heavy outcome. He creates music for the heart and soul and allows the observer to ascend to an oasis unimaginable, whether that is into the interstellar or adrift at sea.

This isn’t AVELLO’s first time stopping by Heard It Here First, either. Last year he gave us an impressive pregame mix with overlapping mashups and all-around, “feel good” bangers. This year, AVELLO has already unleashed an impressive discography, landing releases on Electric Hawk with much more to come.

Today, AVELLO links up with fellow melodic wave producer, PRESENCE. Reigning from the city of San Diego, PRESENCE is fresh to the scene and reiterates that future bass is not, and never will be, dead. His molecular sound design is impeccable and displays a mosaic of contrasting glitch-wave synths and pounding snares. Check out his massive new remix of Whethan & Broods, “Be Like You”, here.

2021 is a big year for the rising melodic bass artists AVELLO & PRESENCE. Today, Heard It Here First has the pleasure of premiering the duo’s splash within the future wave, “Sense of Yesterday”. The track floods the heaven gates and navigates their journey through a colliding terrain of the past and future. Stemming from a quote in the novel, “The Five People You Meet In Heaven”, AVELLO & PRESENCE unleash an emotionally driven journey from the heart to the soul.

The track is filled with hypnotic echoes of vocal chops and future trap synthwaves. It consists of original sounds from both artists, creating a blended masterpiece of future bass, trap, and wave ingredients. It is massive, it is bold, it is beautiful. Here’s what the members of “Sense of Yesterday” had to say about their work:

“‘Sense of Yesterday’ is without a doubt one of my favorite projects! Presence and I somehow both shared a vision that neither of us could describe. I love the way it blends cinematic elements with futurebass / hardware, and the vocal atmospheres really bring so much emotion to the track” – AVELLO

“This song came together very easily once we had a vision for it. All the pieces fell into place to make a song that showcases both of our musical preferences. It was exciting to explore the idea of non-lyrical vocals as a major song element. I liked to be able to incorporate some more authentic, acoustic soundscapes in the verses, to contrast with the power of a drop that incorporates many traditional electronic elements. My favorite moments when making music are when it feels as though I am creating a song that already exists in my head, and this song certainly was one of those moments. I hope it takes you on a journey as it has for the both of us!” – PRESENCE

Stream “Sense of Yesterday” early, and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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