If you are looking for an experimental journey of epic proportions, then look no further than ThugDub! He has given us a new heater today titled “Rep the Block” that will have you making that stank face all day long! 

Thugdub has been a DJ in the DC area and started producing back in 2017. In that timeframe, he has been on the come up and signed with Later Tonight Entertainment in 2019. In that short period, he had the chance to play with some fuego up-and-coming bass artists such as Black Carl!, Angelic Root, Southgate, and Ludge.

Here is what the producer had to say about his newest track: “This track took some time to cultivate. In a sense it grew with me as an artist after making many variations over time and now I feel like this project represents the dark and heavy side of my music while capturing a lively trap vibe.” – Thugdub

What did you guys think of ThugDub’s newest track? Let us know down below in the comments! 

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