UK Bass music kings Ivy Lab are back again with another massive EP full of heaters. Dubbed Everythingmustchange, this aptly named compilation sends listener’s eardrums on a musical journey through sound and time. It is balanced and harmonious, yet powerful and assertive. Truly a work of art, I don’t think anyone will be disappointed by these Londoner’s return to their throne.

This duo, comprised of artists Sabre and Stray, have been crushing the game for some time now. Originally a trio, Halogenix chose to hang up his hat after five years to focus on his own sound. They are some of the original pioneers of the halftime movement, an offshoot of drum and bass, coming out of the UK. This has sparked the likes of Shades and Tsuruda to follow in their footsteps, then bleeding into the Westcoast bass scene to create some incredible musical masterpieces.

Starting things off, the title track “Everythingmustchange”, aka the one that got away, gets things rolling with a silky smooth hip hop beat, featuring a blended choral melody throughout. “Stacked” then catapults you into the artic with an icy beat immaculately crafted and perfectly balanced. It includes some euphonic vocals that compliment the heavy beats, as many Ivy Lab tracks do. Next up “Oxford Diagnostics” whispers sweet bass nothings into the ears of listeners, enticing eardrums and hearts alike.

More of the same from “Ki-Tech”, sexy vocals tantalize while industrial components meld with a thumping bassline. It then moves into more rap-inspired vocals to tie it into the final track. “Rainfire” is a straight heater, featuring vocals from Onoe Caponoe that hit just as hard as the beat. The EP also includes an instrumental version of this, allowing the listener to experience all of the nuanced aspects of the beat to the fullest.

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