We have yet to find another label in the scene doing it like Partica Artist Group. Partica is not just a dance music label, rather a collective community that runs off of electronic exploration and collaboration considering all things experimental. The powerhouse music group delivers genre-blending tracks and compilation albums filled with some of the most hybrid and boundary-resisting sounds in electronic music. With constructions of hip-hop undertones, Partica’s mission is to inspire creatives to power through classified characterization with their beautiful and filthy fabrications.

Partica Artist Group is home to a plethora of accelerating, hybrid-trap favorites such as Runnit, Gurf, blurrd vzn, bd hbt, CAMBOT, and drak, just to name a few. The multi-talented collective continues to push principled collaborations, compilations, and curations across their SoundCloud and Spotify. They also served as an underground hype-hub for iconic beat battles throughout quarantine via Twitch. Bonded toward a bigger purpose, every effort unleashed through Partica Artist Group is an elite masterpiece. We even had the honor to premiere one of Runnit’s singles,Slugs, via Partica over here at HIHF!

Out today, we are blessed with the flip side to the HEATWAVE two-part compilation project, containing four brand-new IDs. This synergetic roster is absolutely stacked, with each track carefully crafted amidst the end-tail of the lockdown pandemic. The entirety of HEATWAVE is devoted to the everlasting angst of being able to rinse awe-inspiring anthems out at IRL live shows and festivals. Each piece is represented through powerful sound design and exquisite texture inside and out.

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Floot x Gehena x Snxxz3 – The Squeal (feat. Spitlaflair)

episcool x golden child x Lasse – Yucca Valley

Dink x Kurei x Gurf – Pants

ql1x x ZCR – Gang

Scullion x M.E. Swank – Hysteria


cm. x Runnit – chromegat

CAMBOT x jistix – LET UP

GoldScrolls x buzz junior x Kizer – Get Busy

Robu x Drak – Surge

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