Two years after their first successful collaboration “Clique,” long-time college buddies, Jake “G-REX” Sweeney and Chris “Sully” Sullivan, have returned with another heavy track promised to move the hips. While attending Western Michigan University in the early 2010s, the duo developed a chemistry built on the foundations of a shared passion for creating unique and ominous bass melodies. Their new single, “Back It Up,” will serve as a preview for their upcoming five-track Fission EP, set to be released through Wakaan this Fall.

Sully has had a busy year so far, dropping his solo EP, “Malfunction,” just over a month ago back in late June. Since his debut single “Frequency Shift” in 2019, the underground bass maestro has really made a splash in this community with a collection of projects supported by the prolific ‘space bass’ label, Wakaan.

G-REX has had a much calmer year, making his new collaborative EP with Sully even more anticipated. His only release of 2021 being a collaborative single with the legend, Champagne Drip. The two collided on their massive tune “Cold Case”, and we can’t wait for what else G-REX has in store for us in his ID vault.

“Back it Up” is exactly what you would expect from the expressive duo. The sinister tone alongside the mischievous and cloudy vocals will haunt you till you’re hit with an explosive kick, high-frequency alien lasers, and a cyclone of sound. The mysterious track then slowly decelerates to deliver a second round composed of even more lasers and mental chaos.

The track leaves us with a clear glimpse of what we should be expecting from their EP this Fall: hard-hitting bass and a unique set of mind-paralyzing sounds.

Give us your feedback on Sully and G-REX’s new creation in the comments below or on our socials! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

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